How Does Kerasal Nail® Work?

Kerasal Nail®'s patented formula combines the keratolyctic, nail softening, and hydrating effects of propylene glycol, urea and lactic acid, using a unique technology that enables these beneficial ingredients to deeply penetrate the nail plate. By softening and carefully loosening the damaged layer of the nail, the nail surface becomes smoother, discoloration is reduced, and the nail's appearance is improved.

Balanced Moisture Enhances Results.

Kerasal Nail® adds and binds moisture in the nail, whereby the moisture balance is restored. This affects the nail's condition and gives nails a healthier appearance. In doing so, Kerasal Nail® changes the nail environment to one that fosters beautiful and healthy-looking nails.

Easy to Use, with No Filing and No Fuss!

With Kerasal Nail® you can easily and quickly renew your nail appearance, without filing the nail. Kerasal Nail® is applied just once a day to the discolored/deformed nail using a no-mess, pinpoint silicone tip applicator. Simply hold the tip of the tube onto the nail, press lightly, and apply a thin layer over the entire nail surface, including under the free edge of the nail. Leave to dry for a few minutes and you are done!