Kerasal Nail® Testimonials

The product seems to do what it was designed to do at an affordable price.

- James W. (05/26/14)

While my nail condition is not entirely cured, is the appearance is significantly improved after using two bottles of Kerasal Nail over the preceding fall/winter months. My quite thick and yellowed big toe nails are now a thinner, more normal thickness, and the yellowing is significantly diminished... I'm quite satisfied and would rate my decades long condition as 98% improved.

- James (05/17/14)

Very pleased. Finally something that works -- and quickly -in less than two weeks. My husband couldn't be happier. We have already reordered. Thanks for a super product.

- Irene A. (05/14/14)

I have been using Kerasal Nail for about two months. It has done a fantastic job on my toenails. I have been able to wear open toe sandals for the first time in years. I am very pleased with the results.

- A. Reimert (05/13/14)

This stuff is the greatest! My foot doctor was impressed with it too. He told me to continue using it, and I am.

- Kaaren "dollmaker"  (05/06/14)

Arrived earlier than scheduled. Starting to see results after a few weeks! Really easy to apply. A highly recommended product.

- stonehenge99 (05/04/14)

I've tried a number of other nail fungus treatments, this is the only one that has worked for me. For the first time in many years my big toenail did not have debris under it. As another reviewer wrote, using a tool to remove the softened debris works well, it works even better if you've been swimming or taking a long bath. I will strongly recommend against taking the Rx antifungal meds - read the warnings that come with these meds before taking them. I am not an anti Rx med person, but the anti-fungals can have nasty side effects.

- Mark "Beck"  (05/01/14)

The first product that really works for me, my toes look the best they have in years. I am glad I found this product.

- Friederike H. (04/27/14)

I stubbed both of my big toes, and after that, they developed some abnormal growth on them. I'm not sure why or how that happened, but this stuff really helped clear them up.

- W. Clay (03/25/14)

This product really does work. It clears up the nails and removes discoloration. Great buy!

- Natalie E. (03/03/14)

This product really works. My toe nail was very thick and it worked very fast to bring it back down in thickness.

- Elaine S. (02/11/14)

I've been using Kerasal Nail on my nails due to damage from a fungal infection. My nails look cleaner and the original color is being restored gradually! Buy with confidence!

- Chandra (02/06/14)

I have been dealing with toe nail fungus for 7 years or longer. I have tried several over the counter products and nothing has worked as effectively as Kerasal Nail. I started using this product two weeks ago and I am highly impressed. The appearance of the fungus is disappearing nicely. I highly recommended you try this product.

- Lorrie (01/23/14)

This product really works great. I've been dealing [damaged toe nails] with since my army days.. I tried this and am seeing improvement in appearance and am very pleased.. Highly recommend this product.

- Kevin C. (01/22/14)

I have been using this product for about 6 weeks now and I can tell a difference. I've had toe nail fungus for years. I refused to take medicine for it so I keep trying to find something that improves the appearance and I think I finally have. I knew it wouldn't be a quick fix so I'm will to use it as long as it takes. . Highly recommend this product.

- TA (01/21/14)

I tried several products to no avail until Kerasal Nail. My nail color started to lighten visibly within a week and is still improving. I'm hoping this is the one!

- Michael H. (01/19/14)

I tried several off the shelf products, but none worked. Finally read about this product that had been sold in Europe for quite some time, but was only recently sold in the US. After several years of dealing with effects of nail fungus on both of my big toes, they finally look normal. No longer do I have to be embarrassed to go barefoot at the beach or wear flip flops to the store. This product really works!

- Douglas"Musicman" (01/03/14)

I ended up getting a toe nail fungus from my nail salon. It was not too bad, but enough to make me feel self-conscious. I did some research and found Kerasal Nail®. It cleared it up in under 30 days. Thank God!

- Stacie R. (12/28/13)

I had a fungus under big toenail for over a decade. Doctor and foot doctor acted like there was nothing i could do. ??? I tried tea tree oil everyday for 6 months and the fungus kept creeping up the nail to get to healthy nail past the oil. I purchased Kerasal Nail® from Walmart for $19.00. In a week and a half the fungus died and fell out in chunks along with the grown over creased nail. I can tell it is growing out to be beautiful again!

- Rusty (12/20/13)

I used Funginail twice a day for six months and zilch. This Kerasal stuff after a couple of weeks is doing something, that cruddy hard stuff under the nail is becoming soft and I can peel if off, the color of the nail is also changing. UPDATE: The big toe nail became very soft and eventually came off, the skin on my toe is pink and healthy looking, although the new nail hasn't started growing back in yet, but I have to say I don't see any fungus. Will continue using it daily, twice a day, and see what happens.. Quite impressive..

- J. Esch (12/14/13)

It took a week, but the results were amazing: Fingernails are smooth, nails are growing and are strong, just like they were before. I use it every evening and can't believe how great it worked.

- Pippin (11/19/13)

This really works to clear up your nails! You must use it every day and you will probably need two bottles though. Now, I'm not sure that it kills the fungus, so I would apply one if the antifungals as well.

- William F. Caton "WillC" (11/13/13)

I have tried numerous things to help get rid of my toenail fungus, including very expensive laser treatments. This is the first and only treatment that has helped at all. I have been using Kerasal Nail® for about a month and can see a big difference. I now have hope that eventually, with continued daily use, I will be fungus free!!!

- Teri S. (10/23/13)

Works well! I use daily and it has removed my issues with nail fungus. Clear liquid goes under the nail for effective results

- Scott (10/06/13)

I have tried at least a dozen other products and none of them worked except for Kerasal. Finally I have a product that has worked and I am very happy.

- Steve (08/30/13)

This product is just as advertised. I have been using it, as directed, and I can already see a major improvement in my fungus-infected nail. It's simple...if you suffer from an infected nail, buy this product. You (and your loved ones) will not be disappointed.

- Erik. L (06/16/13)

For over 10 years I have been in a battle with toenail fungus on 2 sometimes 3 of my toes! I have tried so many creams, ointments, and sprays I can't remember how many. The only one I have found any clear (and fast) progress with is Kerasal. After initial applications of around 2-3 weeks, even large areas of blighted toenails become soft to the point of removal! Then continued use will let a fresh new nail form! I thought I'd never see the day when I could take off my shoes and socks without some embarrassment. In another month I expect exactly that with this formula. It works.

- Confuzed Win User (06/14/13)

I bought Kerasal Nail® for a friend who had some toe nail issues and within days of using it he noted a remarkable i guess it works effectively and was much cheaper than other stuff that he used

- Shivam M. (06/11/13)

Bought this for my dad's toes. So far this is the second time I bought this on Amazon. Working great on dad's toes. Almost cleared up!

- 4451 (06/10/13)

This product really does what it says. My toe- nails are doing better already!! I will be looking good in sandals this summer.

- L. A. Bolka (04/25/13)

This is the best product that I have used. Ease of use, fast acting, no mess. Thank you Kerasal.

- Martha B. (3/20/13)

I have been using product for about 60 days. It has had dramatic effect on my nail appearance. It allowed the removal of substantial layers of corrupted nail material from my big toes and softened the nails on other toes to allow cleaning and trimming around the available nails. It definitely improved the overall color of each nail. This is the only OTC product that I have found to be effective in improving my nail appearance/condition. I look forward to reporting results after an additional 60 days of use.

- Martin C. (3/17/13)

I wanted to write to thank you for making Kerasal Nail®. My toenails were yellow which I thought may be from wearing toenail polish all of the time. But I also had some white spots on my big toenails and one had cracked halfway up the nail. I decided to try this product and it has only been four days and my toenails already look so much better. The yellowing is starting to disappear and they just look healthier. I can't wait to see how great they look after I use the whole tube. Thank you so much for making this product, it is amazing!

- Nicole L. (3/16/13)

So far so good. One nail is very much more involved than the other three. Kerasal readily worked down through the thickness under the nail as no other product has… So far it seems to be working.

- Stephen B. (3/4/13)

I just want to comment on how happy I am with Kerasal Nail® treatment. I had almost given up because nothing seemed to work very well. Then I looked up on to find what chemicals I needed to look for that would work and that's how I finally discovered your product. It actually works and I'm well on my way to healthy nails. Thank you.

- Aino D. (3/4/13)

I was surprised by how quickly I noticed an improvement in my toenails. It's the best anti-fungal nail product I've used so far. It is watery, so you have to be careful not to squeeze the tube, so as not to waste the product. It's a good product.

- “Peg the nature lover” (2/27/13)

Terrific product. Several other brands were tried with poor results. As promoted results seen within two weeks. Somewhat expensive, but worth it.

- Cynthia M. (2/27/13)

I have had toenail infections for about 12 years of my life. I have tried everything to get rid of it...and nothing worked. I have been using this for about 3 weeks. It has killed the nail and most of the infected part. I’m excited for a new nail to grow back. I would highly recommend this!

- “K Girl” (2/23/13)

I'm extremely pleased with Kerasal and have told friends (seniors). The quick improve and appearance was amazing. Thanks for your product.

- Thomas P. (2/17/13)

Kerasal is easy to use and is a fantastic product… my nails were thick, discolored, and very ugly … both big toe nails were lifting off the nail beds. Now this problem is resolved: back to normal appearance of all the nails. I could not be happier with the results; it is like a miracle, thank you so much.

- Mary D. (2/4/13)

I used [Kerasal Nail®] twice daily, early mornings and at night before bed. After applying, I massaged it in instead of just letting it dry by itself, that way it's not smudged off. I saw a whiter nail color in about 10 days and continued the application on both nails that were infected. I still have much of the tube left because I didn't pour it on and maybe because not all 10 were infected. Good luck.

- “Gunslingah” (1/9/13)

Thank you very much for such truthful information and results.

- Sylvia H. (1/28/13)

This product is all that it says it is. Works well and within 2 weeks you will see a difference.

- Pedro (01/11/13)

Where has this product been? I've tried everything under the sun and this is the first product that has made even the slightest dent in my nails (and in less than half the time!)

- Jeannette B. (12/17/12)

I finally found something that I can feel good about and I am finally able to feel comfortable using open toe shoes.

- Elvia A. (12/12/12)

It's a fantastic product!

- Neal K. (12/12/12)

Kerasal does the job better than anything else I've tried!

- Carol L. (12/12/12)

I like the shine and glow it gives. The appearance seems to be looking better after only two weeks. Very pleased.

- Janie W. (12/11/12)

I only had a mild case of nail problems probably caused by 12 hours in leather shoes at work (I'm a nurse). I decided I needed to act now before it progressed any further. I was so very surprised how quickly this product works. I have never used any other product so I couldn't answer that question. Thanks for a great product. Very satisfied.

- Sandy K. (12/5/12)

Thank you for this amazing formula. I had never had a nail fungus but found that both of my big toes were afflicted. I have been using the Kerasal Fungus Nail Renewal Treatment for just over a month and the results are remarkable. I have never used a product that performed so well with so little effort. Many, many thanks!

- Marie P. (11/24/12)

I have tried approximately 6 different products. This is by far the best.

- Bruce C. (11/21/12)

I have had this toenail problem for many years and have tried many things. I have seen more improvement in the short time I have used Kerasal Nail® than anything I have ever tried.

- John R. (11/7/12)

I really like the product. It works great. I have tried other products for over 10 years with no improvement. I used one tube and my nails look great.

- Linda T. (10/30/12)

I do like your product. It works much faster than any product I have used in the past. Thank you.

- Catherine H. (10/30/12)

No other product on the market has had any effect [for me] until Kerasal Nail®. My nails have improved dramatically.

- Anthony C. (10/29/12)

This has been the best product I've tried. Quick results. I'm no longer embarrassed for others to see my toenails.

- Ray B. (10/27/12)

Finally, a product that works. It does take time and care of nails. I used other products faithfully with results leaving nails in worse condition than initially.

- Gram (10/24/12)

I have tried so many products and spent so much money. Kerasal Nail® started working after two days… By spring I should be able to go anywhere with my toes showing and not worry about hiding them. THANK YOU.

- Joanette B. (10/17/12)

I just want to say THANK YOU!! I didn't even know I had nail fungus. I thought the spot on my nail was from keeping my toes painted. Over time, it got so bad that my toenail actually rolled in on itself so that the 2 corners almost met completely in the middle of my toe (almost like rolled a piece of paper into a tube). It was so painful that even having a bed sheet touch it would make me cry. I saw this product while searching the internet. I was skeptical to say the least. I bought one tube in January of this year. It's now October and my nail is almost completely [healthy looking]! I've never been more pleased with a product. It does exactly what you say. Thank you soooo much.

- Krystal P. (10/6/12)

I have used your product for approximately 3 months and have experienced an improvement in my nails! I'm very glad I purchased your product and I can personally say that it works! I would recommend Kerasal Nail® to people I know as I trust this product to produce great results. Thank you.

- Patrick B. (10/3/12)

I have used your product for approximately 3 months and have experienced an improvement in my nails! I'm very glad I purchased your product and I can personally say that it works! I would recommend Kerasal Nail® to people I know as I trust this product to produce great results. Thank you.

- Patrick B. (10/3/12)

I had this for a month and it works. The nail dissolved and peeled off the nail bed and [now a] new healthy nail is growing in. I suspect it will take about 6 months to have it completely gone but I am amazed. DO NOT FREAK OUT if you see your nail falling off it just means its killing all that nasty junk growing in there.

- Heidi (9/3/12)

Amazing product! Visible improvement results in 1 week! Have tried all types of similar products. This really works!

- F.T. (8/2/12)

I purchased this product for my mother who has poor circulation and fungus on all toes. She likes the product very much, said nails looked so much better and soften the nails.

- Sue (7/8/12)

Finally a treatment that works. I had tried all kinds of costly products and this is the one that works.

- Sue Marie (6/24/12)

I just want to tell you that this nail treatment is awesome! I mashed my thumb in a drawer at work about 10 years ago and got a fungus under the nail and went to the doctor… it looked just like your ad in the paper… got the tube of nail treatment and have been using it for about a month and my nail for the first time in 10 years in beginning to look normal. I am still on my first tube but I can’t sing your praises enough about this product. I wish I had known about it years ago…thanks for making this product available to me.

- R. Williams (6/9/12)

There's no known cure other than an expensive laser procedure for toe fungus. Kerasal is the real deal! It won’t cure it but it will clear it up. I've tried many over the counter ointments and this is the ONLY one that helped.

- "Jr" (5/29/12)

Thank you! I have only been using the product on my nails for 4 days and I already see an improvement. I have tried so many different products and they didn’t work as well as this. A little pricy but well worth it. Thank you again.

- Judy A. (5/20/12)

So far the results of your product have been the best of any I have used. I have 10 toes and 1 thumbnail that are affected. I have had this problem for a long time.

- Deborah A. (5/18/12)

I could see a difference in the appearance of my toenails within the first week of use. I have one nail this probably won't fix, but it did make it look a bit better. The other nine nails were becoming brittle and some had white spots and ridges. Those problems have been resolved.

- P.M. (5/16/12)

I didn't believe but I thought I'd try it any way. It worked!! I've been using it for about 3 months now and my toes look 75% better. This will be the first time in years I'll be able to wear sandals. Thank You!!!

- Anita H. (5/14/12)

Since my last email, the treatments are continuing to give my husband wonderful results. Of the 5 affected toenails two are almost completely resolved. The remaining 3 were the worst ones, as of last night half of each of those nails have come off, just waiting on the remainder of those nails to come off so the healthy nail can grow back. His nail beds are looking so much healthier...We have been giving out the coupons we received and telling all our friends about this wonderful product. Thank you so much.

- Krista S. (5/10/12)

I've been using your product for 2 weeks now and I can actually see results already! It's very exciting! I have 8 affected nails and all are showing progress. Wonderful product and I hope it continues to work well because I have lived in shame for nearly my entire life from the appearance of this infection. I'm happy to know by the end of the year there is a possibility of having nails that aren't to be ashamed of. Thank you so much for your time and product!

- Eric A. (5/04/12)

I wish my podiatrist had known about this product when my damaged toenail had turned black and had a fungus. She said it would probably fall off and there was "nothing to do" to help except remove it. I told her NO and more than a year later, the nail regrew on its own with no fungus but was thick and curved up at the end. I started using this product and in about 2 weeks there was less thickening and it even looked flatter and more like the other nails. I can't speak yet for longer term use. I also don't know what it would have done back when the fungus was present, whether it would just make the nail "look" better, or if it might have helped with the recovery.

- H.T. (4/15/12)

I use Kerasal Nail® for my fingernail psoriasis/fungus appearance and it’s amazing. It improves appearance better than what the doctor gave me.

- Terri B. (3/30/12)

I’ve been using this product for a week & a half I see improvement already my toenail is thinning & starting to look better I’m happy with this product

- hvanessa60 (3/24/12)

I have had fungus on my right foot now for at least 15 years. I've used several brands but nothing has worked [at improving appearance]. I started using your brand and it looks like things are starting to work!

- Anonymous (2/09/12)

Very easy to use and I actually saw results within a week of using. Very happy!

- DJ (1/23/12)

Hello I am Natasha, I am only 16 and I have discolored deformed brittle nails UNTIL I used your fungal nail renewal treatment, I have a low self-esteem when it comes to shoe shopping but now I can wear flip flops and other open toes shoes. I have tried all sorts of treatments…but never had success… thank you!!!! :)

- Natasha R. (12/11/11)

My son has had toe nail fungus for several years resulting in discoloration and damage to the nails. In researching various options to improve the appearance, we just did not find anything that we thought was a good option. We were delighted to discover the Kerasal Nail® product which caused a dramatic improvement in the appearance of my son's nails in just two weeks.

- Charlie J. (9/15/11)

I have used many other products for improving my nails affected by toenail fungus for several years now. I saw Kerasal a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it. Within a week my nails showed marked improvement and now after only two weeks, I can't believe that my nails are clearing up rapidly. I'm very happy with this product and it does exactly as advertised.

- Tom M. (8/22/11)

I had given up on my nails ever looking healthy. My wife would always ask me to wear socks and shoes to cover up my ugly toes because she was so disgusted by them. I started using Kerasal Nail® and within a week I started to see improvement. I have been using it for several months now and they continue to look better and better. The thickness has reduced dramatically and the color is more natural. For the first time in 25 years my wife can look at my toe nails without being disgusted.

- Robert D. (8/14/11)

I just wanted to tell you how great your Kerasal Nail® product is. I have been embarrassed by my thick, green/yellow nails for years. I tried lots of different products, but nothing worked. I even considered getting my nails removed! Thank you SO MUCH for this product. I started using it once a night, and within a couple of weeks I could see a very noticeable visible improvement in my nails. It is amazing watching this transformation. I feel so much better about the way I look thanks to your product. Thanks again.

- M.C. (7/17/11)

I've had problem toenails for almost 30 years. My nails were thick and white, and did not respond to any of the various remedies I tried over the years. I had essentially given up on my toenails ever looking healthy again when I came across Kerasal Nail®. Kerasal Nail® delivered on its promise. I saw initial results within two weeks and after 6 months my nails looked completely healthy. I actually look forward to putting it on every day and seeing how the appearance of my nails have progressed- thanks for a great product.

- Mike M. (6/30/11)